VIVA Bottle / 5 Nights Out

VIVA Bottle / 5 Nights Out
VIVA Bottle / 5 Nights Out VIVA Bottle / 5 Nights Out VIVA Bottle / 5 Nights Out VIVA Bottle / 5 Nights Out VIVA Bottle / 5 Nights Out

VIVA Bottle / 5 Nights Out


VIVA® Drink Smart is a clinical strength blend of 14 potent vitamins, minerals, and adaptogenic herbs that work together to help you feel better the next day by helping to breakdown toxins, reduce inflammation, and replenish vital nutrients lost while drinking.*


Drink Smart helps to reduce acetaldehyde level, reducing the effects of stress from alcohol-induced toxins on your body to help you feel better and do more the next day.*

Shown to help:

• Reduce physical and mental fatigue*

• Protect from oxidative stress*

• Boost antioxidant levels*

• Support liver when exposed to alcohol*


Turmeric root extract, N-acetyl-cysteine, Capsule shell (hypromellose), Panax ginseng extract, Magnesium (magnesium oxide), Ginger root extract, Prickly pear extract, L-Theanine, Vitamin c (ascorbic acid), Zinc (zinc gluconate), Rice extract blend, Rice concentrate, Vitamin b6 (pyridoxine hcl), Black pepper extract, Vitamin b2 (riboflavin), Vitamin b12 (methylcobalamin)


Take three capsules with water before your first drink. Take another three capsules with water before bed.

When To Take:





Take 3 VIVA capsules with a full glass of water before your first drink. Important: Take another 3 VIVA capsules with water before bed. Have a good nights sleep. Wake up feeling better than usual or your money back.

Feel Better, Guaranteed

VIVA helps you feel better after drinking. Users of VIVA typically feel up to 75% better across 8 common symptoms.*

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How does it work?

A healthy liver can only process one drink per hour. So when you drink more alcohol than your liver can break down, alcohol and its toxic by-products build up and put more stress on your body. VIVA was formulated to help you to recover faster by supporting your body in the breakdown of alcohol and its toxic by-products and replenishing lost nutrients.

When is the best time to take VIVA?

Take it before your first drink, between drinks, and right before bed. Big night out? Take more capsules for extra insurance. You might find that taking VIVA at a certain time works better for you. Try taking VIVA at different times to see what works best for your body.

Why not just drink water?

Maintaining proper hydration is key to reducing rough mornings, but dehydration is not the only cause for rough mornings. Dehydration only contributes to dehydration-related symptoms, such as fatigue, dry mouth, and dizziness, and doesn’t account for all major symptoms, such as headache and nausea caused by the build up of alcohol-induced toxins. Drinking water alone will not support your liver or brain health.

Why do rough mornings after a night out get worse as you age?

There is research to suggest that as you age, your liver function weakens and you have less liver enzymes to metabolise alcohol and its toxic by-products. VIVA was formulated to help support your body for when you drink.

Join Our Mission to Give Back

For every purchase of a VIVA bottle, we donate a year's supply of lifesaving vitamins.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Fran hemsley
Didn’t work

I did exactly what was asked, and it did not work or help the hangover at all

Georgia Hollyoake
Makes a hangover more bareable

If you take these properly they definitely help a hangover, of course if you have a lot of drink you won’t feel completely great after taking these, but definitely have found a big improvement

Bella Rose
An absolute necessity for a night out!

Been taking Viva for the past few months now and it has honestly become an absolute must have for when I'm drinking! ❤

Lizzie Wise

It did exactly what it promised. I felt that it helped me recover much faster than usual and best of all no headache or sick feeling the next day!

Max Anderson
Usually hang like a fruit bag

Usually I’m having like a fruit bat after a heavy session. These are little pills of magic, work a treat.